Sandstone Prehistoric Safaris Calgary offers consultation and commission services for organizations developing earth science, natural history, and cultural history programs and exhibits. Our services include program planning and writing, exhibit design, graphic design, illustration, text writing, creative writing, proofreading, research, collections management, and employee professional development.

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Calgary Zoo

Illustrated storybook on the palaeoecology of the Bearpaw Sea
(Western Interior Seaway) of Late Cretaceous Alberta.

Services: Illustration, creative writing.

Sampling of raw illustrations:

Feathered Gorgosaurus





Fossil mosasaur and ammonites

Sample of finished page coloured and arranged by a third party designer:

© 2015 Calgary Zoo

Alberta Palaeontological Society

Educational and promotional booth display for the Earth Science for Society show.

Services: Graphic design, text writing, fossils and models.