Join Sandstone Prehistoric Safaris Calgary on an outdoor "safari" to learn about Alberta's ancient past by visiting the places shaped by it. Our walking tours can be adjusted to any age level and clientele, from elementary-aged children to seniors tour groups. Designed to deepen our connection and sense of place in our community, they are good for the body and for the mind!

For schools, our tours integrate well with the grades 3 and 7 science curriculum, and the grades 4 and 5 social studies curriculum.

Outdoor Safaris:

An Ice Age Tour of Nose Hill
Explore 2.6 million years of Calgary's history in this walking tour of Nose Hill Park with spectacular views of the Bow Valley and city skyline. Learn about where Calgary’s famous sandstone comes from, hear the story of Napi and the Big Rock from Blackfoot First Nations legend, imagine the great sheets of glacial ice that once covered this area, examine the fossils of the amazing wildlife that lived here, and understand how climate change and human activities have impacted nature in the past, present, and will continue to in the future.

An Ice Age Tour of Nose Hill lasts approximately 1 hour.

This tour involves an uphill walk along crushed gravel pathways to the top of Nose Hill. Pathways are wheelchair accessible but participants must be in good physical health and dress appropriately for the weather. Tour can be run in light rain or shine.

Talking about Calgary's sandstone and the start of the Ice Age.
Photo by Sarah Harvey.

Overlooking the city and talking about the extinction of Ice Age animals.
Photo by Kate Reeves.

Custom Tours and Interpretive Guiding
Would you like an expert to go with you on a trip to the Rocky Mountains or the Drumheller Badlands? Are you having a visit or a gathering in another location in Calgary and would like a natural and cultural history tour of the area? From scouts and guides groups to corporate team builders to professional tour operators, Sandstone Prehistoric Safaris Calgary may be able to help!
Contact us through the "contact form" to the right to discuss what we can do for you. 
Enjoying a windswept day at Dinosaur Provincial Park.

The fine print...
Sandstone Prehistoric Safaris Calgary will do its best to make the organization/leader aware of the program’s physical conditions (weather, pathway quality, elevation gain, etc.). It is the responsibility of the organization/leader to be aware of the program’s physical conditions and communicate these to participants. It is recommended that participants be in good physical health and dress appropriately for Southern Alberta’s changeable weather. Programs can be run in light rain or shine.  A fee up to 100% of program cost may be charged for cancellations with less than 2 weeks notice. Sandstone Prehistoric Safaris Calgary reserves right to cancel programs at any time prior to the scheduled program with full refund, or during the program for just cause with no refund. Just cause may include, but is not limited to: chronic misbehaviour, illegal activity, threats of a verbal or physical nature, etc. In extreme weather (e.g.: strong rain, snow, high winds), outdoor programs may be cancelled with full refund or rescheduled. Program participation is considered to be agreement to waive liability against Sandstone Prehistoric Safaris Calgary. Outdoor program participants may be required to give verbal assent prior to program.  Groups of children require sufficient adult supervisors (a minimum ratio of 1 adult per 5 children is recommended). Sandstone Prehistoric Safaris Calgary does not assume responsibility for program participants in lieu of leaders.

Programs cost $150CAN for a group of up to 35. Extra fees may apply for additional participants. Payment accepted via Interac e-mail money transfer, Paypal, cheque or cash. Payment is required up to two weeks prior to the first program. To book these tours, please use the "contact form" to the right.